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Why use Email Stationery?

In this article we hope you learn about the best common sense, legal, marketing and cultural reasons to use email stationery.

Email Stationery is a tool that has become standard practice.  We have been supplying email stationery to companies for nearly a decade and to help you understand more about the reasons why other people use them, we’ve prepared some information you may like to read.

 The Basics

  1.  Email Stationery usually includes an Email Signature.
  2. Having one installed saves time and money.
  3. Display your name at the end of a message
  4. Display your contact details including e-mail, telephone, business contact info
  5. Display your website address and link to landing pages
  6. Include your logo to help with brand recognition
  7. Encourage all staff to use a standard format to support marketing
  8. Ensure your legal and compliance details are included in business letter
  9. Include logos for bodies, accreditations and memberships
  10. Use multiple email stationery pieces for standard letters to save more time

 Marketing Value

  1. Customers can see the position of who they are talking to.
  2. Supplies can quickly contact you back.
  3. Recipients can forward the email and your marketing information travels with it.
  4. You can set-up individual Email Stationery for individual standard letters.
  5. Customers, Suppliers and Staff can push the brand forward with every email.
  6. Website traffic is significantly increased allowing people to find out more.
  7. You can drive individuals to landing pages for new product sales
  8. Individual captions can be included as links to increase click through to landing pages
  9. Marketing bars and sidebars can be included to show new services
  10. Photos, images and graphics can be included to help communicate who you are

Legal Value

  1. You can ensure every email complies to UK Compliance Law.
  2. Each email can include a disclaimer.
  3. Each email can include your trading address and the proprietors name.
  4. Each email can include the company registration number and registered office
  5. Each email from other members of staff will include the same formatting as yours
  6. Each email will be clear in terms of ‘who’ in the organisation is in dialogue.
  7. Each email can include Quality and Accreditation marks specific to your industry.
  8. Each member of staff can be made aware of email policy through the use of an explicit disclaimer.
  9. Each and every email sent by staff members will have required them to read the company policy
  10. You will be a lot happier ensuring you meet these simple obligations.

Cultural Value

  1. Every member of staff will use the same email format.
  2. Every recipient of  company email despite the sender, will look the same.
  3. Every email will re-enforce your brand message.
  4. Every email will be received in a fashion that was consistent with the last.
  5. Every person who interacts with the company will see the company profile for themselves on each email received.
  6. Every email sent from staff member to staff member will give a feeling of team working and belonging.
  7. Every time a Press Release or News Story happens, your email can link to it as ‘Latest News’.
  8. Every time a customer, supplier or colleague forwards a message, people outside the company will take on some of the values and understand a little more about you.
  9. Every staff member becomes part of the marketing team.
  10. Every person you deal with by email learns about the company.


For more information

For more information on Email Stationery and information on how to install html email, see the articles at the bottom of the page for Email Letterhead design.

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