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New Services for Email Stationery

PRESS RELEASE: Easier to purchase Email Designs
In a move to help provide better service to customers, Digital Stationery has now added the  Email Stationery service to the Instant Wins! shop.

The Instant Wins! shop is a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) shop that allows both existing and new customers to purchase items when they need them.   The move to introduce a PAYG Shop was brought about last year as a means to allow Internet users to order safely via the trusted and recognised payment gateway known as PayPal.

New forms of payment…

Digital Stationery had always accepted Debit Card and  Credit Card payments.  Payments have been taken through a Merchant Service and terminal and up until the introduction of the Instant Wins!  service, all customers signed orders, sign proofs and for new customers to pay for goods, customers called through with card details.

In a bid to streamline this process for the more mobile customers, the Instant Wins! shop offers great flexibility.  It boasts individual items that can be purchased separately and payments can be made online via PayPal.

New way to purchase…

The Email Stationery product has been now been added to the Instant Wins! shop and a variety of  upgraded features are also scheduled.  Before we move on to these features, it is worth noting that the product has is still available at the same great price of  £ 69.95. and that customers can now purchase re-supply of their install pack for only £ 19.95.

To visit the us, click Instant Wins: Email Stationery.

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