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Social Media upgrade Kit for Email Stationery

press_easieremaildesignFor customers of our Email Letterheads we are now supplying Social Media Upgrades Kits as add-on’s to email stationery.  These allow existing customers to incorporate social media links inside their email footers and email stationery. The new service has been spourned out of continued orders to update email stationery to accommodate social networks.

Since 2009 customers have been requesting that additional links  be included in emails to point to Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, News feeds and to Twitter.  Our newly termed Social Media Upgrade service is available to all customers.

Some recent examples and best practices are shown below:


Stone Executive
Inline LinkedIn
Town Farm
LHS Facebook and Twitter icons
Oreed Group
RHS Follow Us and Find Us
Ask Us Drains
RHS Facebook and Twitter Icons

This service is priced at £ 34.95 at the time of writing.

You can either send us the social media icons you wish to use, or we can download and install originals supplied by the relevant websites.

For more information

For more information on Email Stationery design and information on how to install html email, see the articles at the bottom of the page for Email Letterhead design.

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