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Assistance with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is by far the largest online network of Business Professionals.

The network is a very popular method of sourcing suppliers and can-do people.  Individual firms can set-up their own Company Page on LinkedIn and staff members can set-up their own profiles.  We have been actively involved in assisting customers with their profiling for LinkedIn following a suite of professional workshops that we have been attending since 2009.

Topics we have covered

We have attended the following workshops, covering the following topics:

  • Setting-up your LinkedIn Profile, (by Private Trainer)
  • Improving your LinkedIn Profile, (by Private Trainer)
  • Humanising  your LinkedIn Profile, (by Private Trainer)
  • Giving Recommendations on LinkedIn, (by Private Trainer)
  • Attending Groups and Discussion, (by Private Trainer)
  • How to attract customers, (by Private Trainer)
  • Future Direction of LinkedIn, (by LinkedIn Business Development Manager)

Our Downloads

In support of our customers, we have provided information in .PDF format to give you assistance on how to approach LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: PR & Public Relations Info Sheet

Please download the .PDF.

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